The Art of Layering (and How Not to Over-do It)

There are right ways to layering your clothes. It’s easy to over-do it, so read carefully and take notes. Knowing the basics of layering would instantly improve your outfit. If you think that layering is only good for winter, you are wrong. It is perfect for all-season. So, let’s get into details.

Just Stick with Just a Single Bulky Item

layersIf you don’t want to look like Santa Clause in a different outfit, stick with one bulky item. You may invest in a good coat, you can buy it with coupon codes on products. Keep the rest of the layers on the lighter side. It doesn’t have to be chunky coat all the time. You can also wear a chunky sweater and wear a lighter coat.

Pay Attention with The Colours

Okay, colour is a major thing in your outfit. Colour usually reflects our personality or mood, but aside from that, colour sets the pace whether that shirt matches your jacket or that jeans match your top. We suggest choosing one bright colour and one neutral colour. And be careful with the prints too. But if you want a funky outfit, go ahead, and feel free to use any colour you want. The key to colour matching is quite simple. Just go for a balanced palette.

Choosing Fabrics

Fabrics could be tricky. Fabrics depict texture which is essential in layering. Here’s an example, matching cotton and denim fabrics work together while matching wool and denim is quite distracting. But sometimes, you just have to try every piece and identify which one works because there are no rules when it comes to mix-matching fabrics. We suggest limiting the variety of fabrics in your outfit to 4. Anything higher than four, based on our experience, will make the outfit too textured and heavy.


Consider the Weather

Layering is not just applicable during the winter season. You can do layering even in summer, you are just changing the fabric and clothes to layer. Don’t sacrifice your comfort over fashion. In summer, use breathable fabrics with matching hat if you like. The sky is the limit.

3 thoughts on “The Art of Layering (and How Not to Over-do It)”

  1. Danica says:

    My co-workers laughed at me when I had three layers of tops. I did it because I was shivering from cold. I hate fashion.

  2. Bella says:

    Here’s a classic tip: tuck your tops, put on your favourite cardigan, and choose a scarf that works best with the outfit.

  3. Janet says:

    I love layering my clothes. I think there are no rules when it comes to doing this. You just have to follow your instincts and try on as many outfits as you can layer.

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